KATHERINE BURGER – collage artist

Katherine Burger has been making collages since childhood; when she was 10 years old, she wrote “I want to be a cat artist when I grow up.” 

Today, animals of all sorts are featured in her work. Cats are still a favored subject, along with dogs, birds, elephants, bears, frogs, salamanders, and more. She finds inspiration in the bold shapes, mixed patterns and flat graphic qualities of poster art, classic children’s book illustrations, and Persian miniatures. She is at heart a storyteller (she is an internationally produced playwright) and many of her images do suggest a story, often with a humorous twist. As she says: “I take great pleasure in playing around with colors, textures, and shapes, and hope that this joy and sense of play is conveyed to the viewer.”

A portion of each sale is donated to organizations dedicated to the protection of animals and the environment.